Products and Services
What separates us from most lenders and other funding companies is the fact that they only offer one service which is to sell a client their loan products, and when a client does not meet their lending requirements to get funded, unfortunately they have to turn them away because they have nothing else to offer.
However, with our company not only do we provide clients with access to capital, but we also provide viable solutions (if needed) to address any credit challenges that they may have to put them in position to then be able to take advantage of the funding opportunities that we provide.


We provide personal, business and asset based real estate funding options. We also help startups
Business Funding is up to $500,000 in total Unsecured Business Funding for owners with scores 700 and higher.
Personal Funding is up to $250,000 with scores 680 or higher.
We also have access to Funding programs for existing business owners with less than perfect credit scores of 500 and up. Business must deposit a minimum of $10,000 monthly to qualify.
Do you or someone you know need help with funding or additional working capital for the business?

Unlike many others, our Direct Lenders are constructed of 5 separate Private Equity companies in which we are able to fund almost any type of deal from Restaurants, Retail, Salons, Moving Companies, Gas Stations, Car Dealerships, and Home Based businesses just to name a few of the  wide range of industries we can fund. Each Underwriter that we have specializes in different industries / deals and each have different Underwriting guidelines.

For new submissions / applications for potential clients the following is needed:
(1) Last 3 months of business banking statements (All pages in the statement)
(2) Copy of Business License(Articles of Inc)
(3) Copy of voided business check
(4) Copy of driver’s license
 If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call today.

Credit Services

* MUST have at least 3-4 Primary Tradelines & MUST be at least 1 year to 2 years old or older...
* MUST have 700 FICO Score...The higher the better.
* NO Recent Late Payments within last year; No Bankruptcies, Collections, Judgements, ETC...

If you do not meet the requirements we have other options to assist you with your credit.
CREDIT PARTNERS ACCEPTED We will do a free review of your credit. Please sign up for a 7 day trial at:

Please provide the
last 4 of
the ssn.
Support documents Needed
Color copies front and back of DL and SS
Recent utility bill
Voided check
Last 2 pay stubs
Last year's w2.
Most recent bank statement

Aged Corporations


· Project stability.

· Create an image of permanence in the marketplace.

· Access higher amounts of business credit.

· Access bidding opportunities.

· Even the playing field with established competitors.

· Start with a solid footing.

· Landlords prefer to lease to older businesses.

· Overcome sales objections based on the age of the company.

· Don’t be caught at a disadvantage in starting a business with a new company.



· A clean unused company, in good standing, and never dissolved.

· No EIN. That’s good. This means the company is clean from debt and liabilities.

· Filed Articles of Incorporation/Organization

· Certificates of good standing

· Registered agent service until the next year

·  Operating agreement/bylaws

·  Company resolutions.

·  Update the name and address.

Contact us today if you are interested in these available companies as they move fast at our low prices!